Understanding Dogs

This 2-hour talk is aimed at pet dog owners and Pet Professionals. You will learn about Canine Body Language and Vocal Expression.

The benefits are:

  • Learn the subtle secrets of canine body language
  • Up-skill and update your behavioural knowledge
  • Keep yourself safe around unknown dogs
  • Make the link between your 'gut instinct' and your head when reading dogs

Living with a Reactive Dog

Reactive is a term frequently used to describe dogs that overreact to certain stimuli. The dog’s reaction to these stimuli may vary from a growl to uncontrollable barking and lunging. Reactivity may be a part of the dog’s genetic make-up, lack of early socialisation or a scary experience.

Understand and learn how to effectively manage this behaviour and develop skills to help you and your dog cope.

  • What is reactivity?
  • Trigger Stacking & Thresholds
  • Equipment and Hazard Awareness
  • Realistic Expectations

Fireworks, Thunder, Bangs and More - Helping Dogs with Noise Phobias

A huge number of dogs are affected by fireworks and other noises - it can be terrifying for them and distressing for owners who are desperate to find a way of helping them to cope with their fears.

This talk will offer suggestions and advice for long and short-term solutions to help your dog cope, along with an understanding of:

  • Why dogs are sound sensitive
  • Developing Coping Strategies & Management Tools

Understanding and Helping my Dog Cope When Being Left

This evening talk will focus on understanding separation related behaviours and learning to identify and improve your own dog’s confidence and independence when they are separate from you.

  • What are Separation Related Behaviours?
  • Why do dogs develop Separation Related Behaviours?
  • Encouraging Independence and Confidence in your dog